1 noun
1 FLAT SURFACE (C) the flat surface on which you stand indoors: Amos ran inside, spreading mud all over the kitchen floor.
—see land 1
2 LEVEL IN BUILDING (C) one of the levels in a building: Our office is on the top floor. | a two-bedroomed ground floor flat
3 OCEAN/FOREST/CAVE FLOOR ETC (singular) the ground at the bottom of the ocean, the forest etc: creatures that live on the ocean floor
4 the floor
a) the people attending a public meeting: Are there any questions from the floor?
b) the part of a parliament, public meeting place etc where people sit: The delegates crowded the floor of the House.
5 take the floor
a) to begin speaking at an important public meeting
b) to begin dancing
6 have the floor to be speaking or have the right to speak at an important public meeting: The Senator from Wyoming had the floor.
7 DANCE an area where people dance : dance floor: Couples were already gliding over the dance floor.
8 WHERE PEOPLE WORK (C) a large area in a building where a lot of people do their jobs: The stock market floor was wildly busy. | shop floor (=the area in a factory where people work using machines): The manager's office is above the shop floor.
9 CAR (C) BrE the part of a car that forms its inside floor; floorboard (2) AmE
10 go through the floor if a price, amount etc goes through the floor, it becomes very low: In the past few years share prices have gone through the floor.
11 LIMIT (singular) an officially agreed limit so that something cannot go below a certain value : put a floor under: The French government tried to put a floor under the value of the Franc.
-see also: be/get in on the ground floor ground floor (2), wipe the floor with wipe 1 (5)
12 (C) BrE the area of the stock exchange where people buy and sell shares (share2 (6)
USAGE NOTE : FLOOR In American English the bottom floor of a building (at ground level) is called the first floor. In British English this is called the ground floor. The next level up is called the second floor in American English and the first floor in British English. GRAMMAR People say He lives on the second/ninth/etc floor (NOT at/in the second/ninth etc floor). 2 verb (T)
1 to surprise or shock someone so much that they do not know what to say or do: Her last question completely floored me.
2 to hit someone so hard that they fall down: The Champion floored Watson with a single punch.
3 floor it AmE informal to make a car go as fast as possible

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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